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Symptoms and solutions to throttle valve failures


The possible symptoms of a failed throttle valve include engine vibration, unstable idle speed, difficult ignition, insufficient power, and higher fuel consumption.

There are two types of throttle valve failures:

1. Accessory failure: Accessory failure mostly refers to the malfunction of a throttle valve oxygen sensor, which is usually caused by the use of fuel of inferior quality, especially fuel with sulfur added.

Solution: If this occurs, inspect the three-way catalytic converter, replace the oxygen sensor, and use high-quality fuel instead.

2. Too dirty throttle valve: Driving in windy and sandy environments or with poor driving habits may cause the throttle valve to become dirty. A too dirty throttle valve can cause a low opening degree of the throttle valve and lead to a series of problems.

Solution: Clean the throttle valve regularly and form good driving habits.

vika STO throttle valve

Technical improvements of STO 04E/03F throttle valve:

New technology: return spring structure

vika STO throttle valve: The two-piece structure is no longer used in vika STO throttle valve. The new products are made of imported 304 stainless steel. They have received 7.5 million fatigue tests without failure, demonstrating excellent fatigue strength.

OE throttle valve: The two-piece structure is unable to bear high torsional strength for long during operation.

New technology: steering angle sensor

vika STO throttle valve:With enhanced anti-interference ability, vika throttle valves can effectively prevent damage to the chips caused by static electricity. Thanks to 360° signal acquisition, they lead to a higher level of accuracy and sensitivity.

OE throttle valve:The printed circuit boards with a Hall mechanical structure lead to higher probability of failure after prolonged contact.

New process: throttle valve flap

vika STO throttle valve: Thanks to throttle valve anodizing treatment, the products are much more resistant to oil and dirt adhesion.

OE products: As normal aluminum sheet are used as the raw material without surface treatment, the products may easily absorb oil and dirt particles and consequently lead to jamming.

New material: transmission gear

vika STO throttle valve: PA66 +GF30+ PTFE15% material has a lower friction coefficient and leads to smoother gear operation.

OE throttle valve: PA66 +GF30 material wears easily