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Purpose of auxiliary electronic pump


Purpose of auxiliary electronic pump: Even after the engine is shut down, the electronic coolant pump is able to run to maintain coolant recirculation and cool down the supercharger completely. It works on the following principle: Under electric control of the engine control unit (ECU), the pump helps with cooling of the turbocharger in certain working conditions. After shutdown of the engine, the auxiliary electronic pump dissipates heat from the turbocharger.

vika STO auxiliary electronic pump

Advantages of vika STO auxiliary electronic pump:

1. STO auxiliary electronic pump uses integrated circuit boards with a unique design. These circuit boards are manufactured with imported SMT machines from Japan, solving the problem of high-temperature burning;

2. The inner diameter of the water inlet of STO auxiliary electronic pump has been increased by 3 mm, leading to a 23% increase in water inflow;

3. The full R-angle transition design of the pump head for STO auxiliary electronic pump ensures smooth water flow, high pressure resistance, and effective heat dissipation;

4. The pump head and body of STO auxiliary electronic pump are assembled using Siemens fully automatic electric torque wrenches and receive 100% airtightness testing to ensure proper sealing without water leakage.