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Functions and principle of automotive throttle valve


Throttle valve is a controllable valve for control of air into the engine. The air entering the intake pipe is mixed with gasoline to form a combustible mixture, which will then burn and do work. Connected to an air filter at the upper end and to an engine cylinder at the lower end, the throttle valve is called “the throat” of the engine on a car.

Functions of throttle valve:

The throttle valve on a car serves as a control valve like a throat of the engine. The air outside the car enters the engine through the throttle valve before it is mixed with gasoline and combusted. When the driver steps on the accelerator pedal, the onboard computer will control the intake volume of the throttle valve depending on the driver's force, thus achieving optimal power of the engine.

Principle of throttle valve:

The throttle valve on a car is used to adjust the engine speed by controlling air flow into the engine and its mixture with gasoline. There is an intake hole near the throttle valve, through which external is admitted to the engine. The larger the hole, the lower the vehicle's RPM and the lower the gasoline combustion rate. The smaller the hole, the higher the vehicle's RPM and the higher the gasoline consumption rate.


Advantages of vika throttle valve:

New technology: return spring structure
The vika throttle valves no longer use the traditional two-piece structure. They are made of imported 304 stainless steel, and have received 7.5 million cycles of fatigue tests without failure, demonstrating excellent fatigue strength.

New technology: steering angle sensor
With stronger interference resistance, vika throttle valves are able to prevent electrostatic damage to chips effectively. The 360° signal acquisition ability leads to a higher level of accuracy and sensitivity.

New process: throttle valve flap
vika throttle valve: Thanks to anodizing treatment, the products are much more resistant to oil and dirt adhesion.

New material: transmission gear
vika throttle valve: PA66 +GF30+ PTFE15% material provides a smaller friction coefficient and results in smoother gear operation.