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Where is the oil sump on a car?


The oil sump on a car is located underneath the engine, and can be dismounted and reinstalled. A crankcase seal structure forms the enclosure of the oil sump. Oil sumps are typically produced from thin steel sheets in a punching process. Those with complicated geometry are often made of cast iron.

Purpose of oil sump:

The purpose of the oil sump is to seal the crankcase to form the outer enclosure of the oil tank. It prevents impurities from entering the oi tank, collects and stores lubricating oil flowing back from the friction surfaces of the diesel engine, dissipates certain heat, and prevents oxidation of lubricating oil.

Oil guards are installed in an oil sump to prevent oil level vibration and oil spill on bumpy roads and to facilitate precipitation of impurities in lubricant. A dip stick is located on one side for oil level measurement.

vika 06K103600L oil sump

Advantages of vika oil sump:

1. Advanced cutting: Advanced cutting machines are used in the production of vika oil sumps for precise pre-cutting, thus ensuring uniform product thickness.

2. High stability: A four-column hydraulic press is used for stretching, edge cutting, punching, and deburring, leading to highly reliable shell of vika oil sumps.

3. OE quality: Thanks to spray painting treatment, vika oil sumps feature uniform appearance and a thickness comparable to OE products.

4. Strong antirust ability: Anti-rust oil has been added to vika oil pumps to realize excellent antirust performance of their screws and nuts.