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What are the symptoms of a failed steering gear assembly?


Common symptoms of a failed steering gear assembly:

1. Larger steering force: When making turns, greater force is required than usual to turn the steering wheel. The steering wheel becomes heavy or inflexible.

2. Abnormal noise during turning: Creaking or squeaky noise may be heard when the car is turned, which may result from wear or insufficient lubrication of internal components of the steering gear assembly.

3. Abnormal vibration of the steering wheel: The steering wheel vibrates noticeably when the car is turned, which may result from problems of internal components of the steering gear assembly that cause instability of the steering system.

4. Unstable steering: The car fails to maintain a stable direction when making turns, possibly showing a tendency to lean towards one side or shaking in the course of turning.

5. Steering failure: In the worst cases, the steering gear assembly completely fails, preventing normal steering and posing a great threat to driving safety.

6. Hydraulic leakage: In the case of a hydraulic power steering system, leakage of the steering gear assembly may cause loss of steering oil and impair steering function.

vika steering gear assembly

Advantages of vika steering gear assembly:

1. Aluminum shell
Material: ZL111 aluminum alloy: superior casting quality, elimination of heat crack, small linear shrinkage, and high airtightness

2. Valve plug:
Material: 40Cr
Process: Produced with a machining center,  high precision, top quality, and accurate valve core size.
Properties: The high surface precision guarantees smooth operation and helps prevent oil leakage.  

3. Wheel gear:
Material: 40Cr
Process: Magnetic inspection is performed to identify any defect such as crack in the material after quenching, thus ensuring high quality of the product.
Properties: The gear is subject to surface sandblasting treatment for higher mechanical performance.

4. Valve bush:
Material: 45# steel
·high-frequency quenching
·The inner hole is honed in three steps, thus ensuring compliance with requirements for internal roundness and roughness.
·Post-processing surface sandblasting treatment eliminates burr.
Properties: The benefits include a clean internal structure, unblocked oil paths, and well controlled operation angle that leads to accurate operation time during steering.

5. Oil seal:
Japan-based NOK, it always provides oil seals with top-grade oil resistance and sealing performance.

6. Gear rack:
Material: 40Cr
Process: Multiple rounds of straightening contribute to a high level of gear rack linearity and dependable operation of the steering rack.
Properties: The high processing precision leads to smoother steering and lower steering wear.