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What are possible reasons for oil leakage of an oil cooler?


Oil leakage of an oil cooler may be due to the following reasons:

Aging and wear: After long use, the internal seals of the oil cooler may age or wear due to high temperature and pressure, resulting in oil leakage.

Corrosion: If the oil cooler is corroded due to reasons such as extended exposure to salt water or chemicals, the cooler wall can be degraded, and oil leakage may occur.

Too tight or loose connection: If the connecting bolts of the oil cooler are too tight or loose, the seals may break or fall off, leading to oil leakage.

Bending or compression: If the oil cooler is bent or compressed during installation or vehicle collision, the cooler wall may deform and lead to oil leakage.

Manufacturing defect: Defects of the oil cooler during the manufacturing process, such as poor welding and material issues, can also lead to oil leakage.

vika oil cooler assembly

Advantages of vika oil cooler assembly:

1. Filter housing: The filter housing of vika oil cooler is made of PA66 and 35%GF from DuPont, a world-renowned expert in engineering plastics.

2. The main material of vika oil cooler assembly is 3003 aluminum from an OE manufacturer.

3. The seal ring between the enclosure and cooler of the vika oil cooler assembly is made of fluororubber material, which features excellent resistance to fire, air penetration, high temperature, oil, solvent, chemicals, and harsh weather.

4. The oil filter with flange of vika oil cooler assembly is based on the same technology as OE welding, with a tolerance controllable within 0.05 mm.