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What are the types of automotive taillights?


The tail lights of a car are used to alert drivers of following cars at night, and to indicate the distance between cars. Hence these lights are installed on both sides of the rear of a car. There are generally five types of car taillights: rear fog light, braking light, reversing light, rear turn signal light, and rear clearance light.

What are the types of automotive taillights?

1. A clearance light, also called width marker light, is used to show the width of a car to drivers of following cars.

2. A braking light is typically installed at the rear of a car. It uses red as the main color to enhance the penetration of the light source and make it easy for drivers of following cars to notice braking operation of the car ahead even in low visibility, thus preventing rear ending.

3. A turn signal light is an important indicator that is activated before turning of a motor vehicle to alert all nearby vehicles and pedestrians.

4. A reversing light is installed at the rear of a car to light up the road behind the car and warn all vehicles and pedestrians behind that the car is reversing. The beams of all reversing lights are white.

5. A fog light is typically used on a car and mounted on front or rear part of it. In foggy days, due to low visibility, the driver's field of vision is limited, and the fog light can increase the visible distance. In particular, the beams of a yellow fog light are highly penetrative, and can improve the visibility of the driver and surrounding traffic participants, allowing the driver and oncoming vehicles and pedestrians to see each other from a distance.

DPA taillights

Advantages of DPA taillights:

1. Lamp shade: The shade of DPA taillights is made of acrylic (PMMA) material with excellent optical performance. It features a transmittance of 90% -92%, a refractive index of 1.49, superb weather resistance, and high surface hardness, and will not fade in 5 years. By contrast, other brands use AS material that is easy to oxidize, fade, and crack;

2. Lamp housing: The housing of DPA taillights is made of original ABS material characterized by high plasticity and consistent installation size;

3. Reflector: The reflector of DPA taillights is made of PC/PET and shining aluminized material, leading to high brightness;

4. Circuit board: The circuit boards of DPA taillights are based on original technologies that lead to high LED lighting speed (<1MS), excellent safety performance, and a long service life.

Key problems solved by DPA taillights: color fading and cracking.