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What are the consequences of a broken steering gear assembly?


Consequences of a broken steering gear assembly:

1. The car runs out of the way: If the car runs out of the way under normal tire pressure and flat road conditions, it is typically caused by a problem of the steering gear;

2. Abnormal noise during turning or operating the steering wheel with the car staying still: If the car generates abnormal noise during turning, or clatters at rest when the steering wheel is operated, the steering gear or tires may have failed;

3. Difficulty in straightening the steering wheel: If the steering wheel straightens slowly or fails to straighten automatically, the steering gear has been damaged.

vika steering gear assembly

Advantages of vika steering gear assembly:

1. Aluminum shell
Material: ZL111 aluminum alloy: superior casting quality, elimination of heat crack, small linear shrinkage, and high airtightness

2. Valve plug:
Material: 40Cr
Process: Produced with a machining center,  high precision, top quality, and accurate valve core size.
Properties: The high surface precision guarantees smooth operation and helps prevent oil leakage.  

3. Wheel gear:
Material: 40Cr
Process: Magnetic inspection is performed to identify any defect such as crack in the material after quenching, thus ensuring high quality of the product.
Properties: The gear is subject to surface sandblasting treatment for higher mechanical performance.

4. Valve bush:
Material: 45# steel
·high-frequency quenching
·The inner hole is honed in three steps, thus ensuring compliance with requirements for internal roundness and roughness.
·Post-processing surface sandblasting treatment eliminates burr.
Properties: The benefits include a clean internal structure, unblocked oil paths, and well controlled operation angle that leads to accurate operation time during steering.

5. Oil seal:
Japan-based NOK, it always provides oil seals with top-grade oil resistance and sealing performance.

6. Gear rack:
Material: 40Cr
Process: Multiple rounds of straightening contribute to a high level of gear rack linearity and dependable operation of the steering rack.
Properties: The high processing precision leads to smoother steering and lower steering wear.