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What is the working principle of a water pump on a car?


Working principle of an automotive water pump:

1. When the engine drives the belt pulley, the water pump bearing and the impeller will rotate, and the coolant liquid in the water pump will rotate together with the impeller. Under the action of centrifugal force, the liquid is thrown to the edge of the water pump with certain pressure, and then flows out via the water outlet path or water pipe. The pressure at the center of the impeller is reduced due to movement of the coolant. The pressure difference between the water pump inlet and the impeller center causes the coolant in the radiator to be sucked into the impeller via water pipe, thus realizing recirculation of coolant.

2. The bearing supporting the water pump spindle is lubricated with grease. Measures should therefore be taken to prevent the coolant from leaking into the grease and emulsifying it, and to prevent leakage of grease as well. Leakage-proof measures for the water pump include water seal and gasket. The rotating water seal ring and shaft are mounted by means of interference fit between the impeller and the bearing. The static water seal seat is pressed tightly on the enclosure of the water pump to seal the coolant.

3. The water pump enclosure is connected to the engine via a gasket, and supports moving parts like the bearing. A water drainage hole is also present on the water pump enclosure, sitting between the water seal and the bearing. Any coolant leaking through the water seal will be discharged via the water drainage hole. This prevents the coolant from entering the bearing cavity, impairing bearing lubrication, and causing corrosion of parts. If coolant leakage persists after shutdown of the engine, the water seal has been damaged.

vika 04E121600AM water pump

Advantages of vika water pump:

Pump body: The vika water pumps adopt the same powdered resin enclosure as OE products.

Water seal: The water seals used for vika water pumps are provided by Torch Automobile, the water seal supplier for OE products. These water seals feature excellent sealing and large load bearingcapacity. They prevent coolant leakage effectively, and isolate coolant from water pump bearing for the protection of the latter.

Bearing: Bearing is a critical component for a water pump. The bearings for vika water pumps are acquired from C&U, a famous domestic water pump supplier for OE products. The C&U bearings are characterized by larger bearing capacity and better heat dissipation performance, with a warranty covering 80,000 kilometers.

Impeller and belt pulley: The impeller of vika water pump is designed in such a way to maximize the flow rate of the water pump by controlling the number of blades and opening/closing angle, thereby achieving optimum engine cooling. Various materials and forms of impeller and belt pulleys are made available to customers.