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    Skoda: OOCT 13-17;18-/SUP 15-
    VW:19/CAMP 12-19/GOC 12-16/GOLF 13-17/PA 15-/PO 15-18/SCI 15-18/SHA 16-/TIG 16-;17-/TOU 16-/TOUA 18-/TR 12-19/TRO 18-
    Audi: 16/A4Q 13-16/A5CA 12-17/A5CO 12-17/A6 15-19/A6Q 15-19/A7 15-19/A8 14-17/A8Q 14-17/AQ2 17-/AQ3 15-19/AQ5 13-17/AQ7 16-/AQ8 19-/ATT 15-
    SEAT: AL 16-/AT 16-/IB 16-17/LE 13-16;17-

Technical improvements:

1. The pressure relief device for the tensioner has been upgraded from a regular air bleeder plug to a relief valve, which maintains constant damping in the high-pressure chamber of the operating tensioner in idle or high-RPM state of the engine, and therefore leads to more stable product performance.

2. The material has been changed from cast aluminum to HT250 cast iron, which contributes to higher structural rigidity of the product.

3. The plunger piston diameter has been increased, leading to larger contact area between the tensioner and the guide rails and higher stability.

4. The plunger spring is subject to enhanced treatment for better fatigue resistance.