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Fuel Pump Controller

STO Fuel Pump Controller

  • Product name:

    Fuel Pump Controller

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  • Applicable models:

    VW: EOS06-16/GOC12-16/GOLF04-14/GOPL05-14/JE06-14/PA06-11/PACC09-12/PO10-14/SCI09-14/TOU06-08

Fault symptoms:

The main function of the fuel pump control unit is to control operation of the gasoline pump in the low-pressure fuel circuit. It is vulnerable to mechanical pressure in the installation position, which may cause failure or damage of the electronic devices in the unit, and consequently engine flameout.

Technical improvements:

1. The heat dissipation area of aluminum sheets is increased, thus leading to better heat dissipation performance than OE products.

2. Product performance has been verified through rigorous electrical tests:

Interference resistance test on power supply side

Interference resistance test on signal side

3. Product quality is guaranteed through professional durability tests:

High-temperature durability test:    85℃  1000h

Low-temperature durability test:    -40℃  500h

Low-temperature storage test:    -50℃  24h

High-temperature and high-humidity test:    85℃  RH:85%   48h

High- and low-temperature shock test:  -40℃、120℃   200 cycles

Salt spray test