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Additional Water Pump

vika Additional Water Pump

  • Product name:

    Additional Water Pump

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  • Applicable models:

    VW: BE12-16/BEC13-16/CA11-16/CC12-17/EOS09-16/GOC12-16/GOLF07-13/GOPL09-14/JE06-18/PA08-15/PACC09-12/SCI09-14/SHA11-16/TIG08-18/TOU11-15/XL1 15-15
    Audi: A309-13/A3CA08-13/A4 08-15/A4AR10-16/A4Q08-15/A5CA12-17/A5CO12-16/A6 11-14/A6Q11-14/AQ5 09-17

Fault analysis:

1. Coolant leakage due to sealing issues

2. Product failure due to overheat and burnout of CP

Technical improvements:

Problems related to high-temperature burnout are solved with a unique integrated circuit board design and a manufacturing process based on the surface mount system imported from Japan;

The increase in interior diameter of the water inlet by 3mm leads to an 23% increase in water inflow;

The full R-angle transition design of the pump head results in smooth water delivery, high bearing strength, and good heat dissipation;

Pump cover is based on a design with waterproof breathable membrane, preventing controller damage from condensate water due to high-low temperature cycles;

The pump head and the pump body are assembled with a Siemens electric torque wrench with fully automatic function. 100% airtightness test is also performed to prevent water leakage.