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What are possible consequences of not replacing an air filter element after long use?


The purpose of an air filter element is to supply clean air to the engine, protect the engine against harm caused by impurities, improve combustion efficiency and performance, extend the engine's service life, and reduce maintenance cost.

Negative consequences of not replacing an air filter element after long use:

Engine performance degradation: As the air filter element serves the main function of filtering air flowing into the engine and preventing dust, dirt, and impurities from entering the engine, failed replacement after long use can lead to blocking of the filter element, decreased air flow rate, and consequently reduced engine performance and combustion efficiency.

Heavier engine wear: If the air filter element is not replaced after long use, the interior of the engine may be eroded by particles such as dust and impurities, leading to heavier wear of engine components and a shorter engine service life.

Reduced fuel economy: Blocking of the air filter element and degraded engine performance may lead to a decrease in combustion efficiency, resulting in more fuel consumption and lower fuel economy.

Increased emission: Degraded engine performance and lower combustion efficiency can lead to increase in emissions. As a result, the vehicle emissions may exceed standard requirements and cause pollution to the environment.

Engine failure: Failure to replace the air filter element after long use may cause engine overheating and insufficient combustion, and ultimately lead to engine failure that demands expensive maintenance.

vika air filter element

Advantages of vika air filter element:

PU rubber foam:

vika air filter element: The PU rubber filter element housing provides a good sealing effect. The required PU hardness is 25±3 (Shore hardness);

Products of other brands: Inadequate foaming leads to air leakage.

Filter paper bonding:

vika air filter element: During filter paper processing, the heat melt adhesive is evenly applied on both sides of the filter paper, and paper bonding is completed at the optimal time for hot melt adhesive bonding (3S);

Products of other brands: Cracking and leakage of heat melt adhesive may result in defective products.