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vika Radiator

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    SEAT: A Q509-/A408-

Advantages of vika Radiator:

1. Stable performance: The high-grade and high-density aluminum material ensures stable performance;

2. Rapid heat dissipation: The aluminum tubes feature a large diameter, high flow, rapid cooling, and satisfactory heat dissipation;

3. Core cooling fins: The thickened and denser design ensures effective heat radiation and dissipation, and has an endurable structure without any water leakage;

Material comparison (aluminum tubes): vika products are made of high-class aluminum, featuring a large diameter, high flow, and satisfactory heat dissipation. By contrast, other brands are made of inferior materials that can easily corrode or burst, and have the disadvantages of smaller diameter, lower water flow, and poor heat dissipation;

Material comparison (water chamber): vika products are made of PA66 and 30% glass fiber that result in a higher thermal deformation temperature and a longer service life. Other brands are made of inferior recycled materials that are low in strength and easy to burst.