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Electrical Fan

vika Electrical Fan

  • Product name:

    Electrical Fan

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  • Applicable models:

    SEAT: A4 08-15/A4Q08-15/A5CA10-11/A5CO08-16/A6 11-14/A6Q11-14/A7 11-14/AQ5 09-12

Common Problems:

Vibration, much noise, short use life

Solutions for much noise:

A: De-noising design

B: OE certified material

Solutions for Vibration:

A. vika motor’s balancing design: The vika motor rotor adopts the world's most advanced automatic production process, and uses laminated riveting technology to ensure that the motor can maintain the rotor balance and the performance of the iron core (armature) under high speed rotation.

B. The material and balance design of the fan: Fans made entirely of OE-certified materials have undergone rigorous balance tests to ensure the precise balance of the fans under different speed requirements under different operating conditions.

C. Balance design of fan motor assembly: After ensuring the balance of the two core components of the motor and the fan, vika will carry out a key assembly balance design on each combination of the fan motor assembly. The test will simulate different working conditions to make the test more stringent.

Solutions for Short Service Life:

A. The unique high-quality graphite carbon brush technology is the fundamental guarantee for the long service life of vika fan motors, and thus establishes a new quality standard for fan motors.

B. Intelligent electronic modules: The vika fan motor adopts the world's leading OE electronic control module technology. The upgraded intelligent electronic module can make the motor start smoothly, and also ensure the precise rotation of the motor under various working conditions, improve the use efficiency and reduce the power loss of the engine.