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Audi A4 Xenon Headlight

DPA Audi A4 Xenon Headlight

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    Audi A4 Xenon Headlight

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  • Applicable models:

    Audi: A4 17-18

Advantages of Audi A4 Xenon Headlight:

The Xenon Headlights use the matching electronic ballast to instantly raise the 12V voltage of the car battery to a trigger voltage of 23KV or more, and ionize the xenon gas in the xenon headlights to form an arc discharge and stabilize the light, providing a stable car headlight illumination system.

Compared with ordinary light bulbs, xenon bulbs have two significant advantages:

Xenon bulbs have three times more light intensity than ordinary halogen bulbs, but consume only two-thirds of the energy;

Xenon bulbs use the sun's nearly identical light color creates better visual conditions for the driver.

DPA Advantages:

1. Core components are with the same  materials as OE ones;
2. Produced by OE criteria materials and technique for the body and cover;
3. With D3S product for the bulb, with the same parts as OE for the lenses;
4. With a dimensional tolerance as small as 1mm, smooth surface, superior airtightness, and consistent shape and size. Package completed in a workshop with constant temperature and humidity, which controls the fog rate under 0.5%.