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Brake Caliper

vika Brake Caliper

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    Brake Caliper

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    VW: CA16-20

Advantages of vika brake caliper:

Process advantages

Motor: The original Dechang motor features low noise, satisfactory sealing performance, stable output torque and a long service life. It helps prevent circuit failures and protect driving safety effectively.

Caliper bore: A high level of bore precision and finish is guaranteed by the use of imported tools. The bore serves to prevent deterioration of sealing performance due to excessive piston wear, thereby extending the life span of the caliper.

Material advantages

Support: Like OE products, ductile QT500-7 nodular cast iron is adopted as the raw material. It contributes greatly to the tensile strength and keeps the support from falling apart during sudden braking at high speeds. In addition, the zinc/nickel alloy coating on the support surface adds to resistance to oxidation corrosion.

Caliper shell: Owing to the use of lightweight aluminum alloy, the shell is nearly one third lighter than a cast iron product. The benefits include shorter braking distance, improved vehicle maneuverability, and better fuel economy.

Full range

The parts offered include electronic parking caliper, manual parking caliper, and caliper repair kit.

General service life: 100,000 km of mileage.