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Filter Repair Kit

vika Filter Repair Kit

  • Product name:

    Filter Repair Kit

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  • Applicable models:

    SKODA: FAB 11-15/RO 11-15
    VW: PO 10-12
    SEAT: IB 09-11

vika product formation of filter kit:

vika filter kits include oil filters, fuel filters, air filters and cabin filters.

Advantage of vika filter repair kit:

Oil Filters: Use the same type of German imported filter paper as OE;

Fuel Filters: Deeply filter iron oxide, dust and other solids in fuel to remove impurities;

Air Filters: Very tight filter layer can filter more dust;

Cabin Filters: High-quality coconut shell activated carbon PM2.5 cabin filter element is used to effectively intercept harmful substances and PM2.5 particles, multiple filtration, extreme purification, and a healthy driving environment for you.