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Door Lock

vika Door Lock

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    Door Lock

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Advantages of vika Door Lock:


1. Steel material: DC03 produced by Baosteel is adopted. After quenching treatment, it has certain pulling characteristics, which greatly improves the performance of the product. The surface treatment adopts zinc-nickel alloy, which is anti-corrosion and anti-aging.

2. The rubber pad is soft, and the mold is neat and beautiful.

3. Plastic: Dupont polyoxymethylene 100T, a world-renowned brand, is used to stabilize the quality of gear raw materials. It will not be deformed during long-term use and achieve the stability of internal structural materials.

Selection of core components:

1. Micro-motor: The brand selection of the core component micro-motor has inherited the quality requirements of OE. According to the requirements of different products, the world-renowned brands "Mabuqi" and "Dechang" are selected to fully guarantee the overall performance of the door lock block.

2. Touch switch: The brand selection of the core component touch switch is to use the switch of Taiwan Xinju brand ZIPPY to ensure the quality and stability of the central control lock in the process of controlling the door lock block.

3. Spring: The spring structure is manufactured according to the OE product part drawing process, which makes the lock block switch more smooth.

4. Lubricating grease: We have selected FUCHS lubricating oil from Germany, the oil quantity is sufficient, and the operating temperature is -40°C~130°C.

5. The material of the lock block rotating clamping plate is DuPont 5526, which has certain pulling and toughness, wear resistance, noise control, and stronger shock absorption effect.

Production Process:

1. The circuit and injection molding are formed at one time, and then glued and sealed to ensure that the circuit board will not be oxidized, and the current and signal transmission can be carried out stably for a long time.

2. The lower shell of the lock block has a custom silicone sealing ring, which effectively prevents dust and debris from entering and causing internal parts to be stuck and malfunction.