The brand new Audi business provides nearly 4000 parts for Audi models, including nearly 2000 to be used exclusively as Audi parts, helping you improve your competitiveness in your local market and consequently increase your market return and operation efficiency.

Core Audi Products

Electromagnetic Water Valve

The vika electromagnetic warm air water valve adopts core parts made of the same materials as OE. It provides the advantages of low energy consumption, high reliability, a long service life, and low noise pollution.

vika Oil Filter

It has been discovered during the market investigation by vika engineers that filters in the market are liable to failures such as loose connection between enclosure and engine, poor sealing, and inferior oil filtering. To address these issues, intensive researches and tests have been conducted to improve product materials and production processes, finally giving birth to vika oil filters with better sealing performance and a longer service life.

DPA A4 Headlight

The market investigation conducted by DPA engineers revealed a series of problems like failure of the xenon lamp to concentrate lights and flashing of the instrument lamp when the headlight is turned off. The product material quality and production processes have been improved on this basis through longtime researches and tests. As a result, the DP4 Audi A4 headlight with more stable and better performance has been developed.

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