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Customer service

When providing first-class products, we also provide attentive customer service. TANTIVY owns a perfect service system. The service awareness for customers goes deep into every partner’s heart. We are also confident that you will obtain more value from these services.

We can provide various services:

1. The professional customer team can provide one on one service for you. It can provide professional analysis of products for you, and assist you to observe the supply and demand relationship for satisfying the needs of markets;
2. The high efficient logistics team and highly customized SAP system can provide complete and timely solutions for your orders;
3. The product information is shown in the form of paper catalog and online database, for satisfying your different reading habits;
4. Through exhibition planning and booth design, we can assist you to participate in the local professional auto parts exhibition;
5. Sponsoring your brand publicity campaign activity at local markets;
6. Holding regular video conference with you, communicating with you timely for the cooperating advice or suggestions;
7. Conducting customer satisfaction survey regularly, comprehensively analyzing the cooperating experience with you in each dimension and constantly enhancing the operation and service level;
8. Providing resource sharing platform for strategic partners, deeply opening TANTIVY’s enterprise resources;


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