Efficient logistics

Arriving worldwide


TANTIVY established a modern logistics and warehousing centers in  Shanghai , which have a geographical advantage to near the port, and we can flexibly choose a lower cost and higher efficiency port for shipment, according to customers’ requirements. Shanghai logistics center has a warehousing area of 10,000 m², and permanent storage of 10,000 SKU, owning 5500 standard pallet storage locations. The maximum storage volume is 10,000 m³, having the ability of dealing with 50000 batches of domestic orders and 1,200 batches (40F standard containers) of international orders annually. TANTIVY has the advanced WMS system, assuring the high efficiency and accuracy of the whole process of the products’ pre distribution location, receiving goods inventory, dispatching goods to order, putting on shelves in bulk, formulating goods off shelves, picking up goods to order, sorting and packaging, delivery and shipment, and taking stock for achieving an effective and safe supply of the orders.

Meanwhile, TANTIVY logistics center has the ability of self processing. It is equipped with modern operation equipment and set up professional packaging line, which can satisfy customers diverse requirements of packing, labeling, typing and identifying.

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