Beyond the industry, we can create value for society

Social responsibility

TANTIVY fulfills industry responsibility as well as pays attention to undertake social responsibility all the time. TANTIVY advocates the improvement of product producing process and the choice of packing materials in an environmentally friendly way, adheres to environmental friendliness and sustainable development, and sets a good enterprise citizenship image. Having built green offices successfully, TANTIVY advocates a low carbon environmental protection office mode such as paperless office, recycling of office supplies etc. for creating a green working environment. Meanwhile, the company encourages partners and partners’ family to participate in social public environmental protection activities and supporting Earth Hour activity, walking donation activity, as well as mutually concern and positively cope with climate change, share environmental changes, and practice low carbon life.

TANTIVY not only abide by the environmental protection principle in all aspects of its business operations, but also focus on popularizing the concept of environmental protection to the whole industry chain, in order to boost the sustainable development of the entire industry downstream.

In the meantime, we have been through years of marketing experience in the world, which provides effective network infrastructure for TANTIVY’s publicity of environmental protection idea worldwide, and also during the time of business cooperation , TANTIVY also constantly spreads the concept of environmental protection for all the partners.

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