Beyond cooperation, we do more

Cooperative partner

TANTIVY dedicates in building a win-win partnership with customers and suppliers.

We cooperate with customers to build a leading product brand in the auto parts aftermarkets, as well as achieving the fastest communication with customers’ needs and the fastest solution to customers’ problems, which is through building a resource sharing platform and a flexible and efficient interactive mechanism with customers. At the same time of efficient interactive, we are glad to meet the individual needs of customers in different markets. Moreover, we will regularly address the current challenge for customers pragmatically according to the satisfaction survey feedback from customers. We are even more proud of that, we can facilitate the exchange of professional knowledge and achieve win-win by organizing excellent partners of both sides to visit each other and develop mutual training.

The excellent supplier cooperation network is the core source advantage of TANTIVY ’s solid growing and customer success. We have built a procurement and sales coordinated system with the suppliers. By formulating the inventory management mechanism of the supplier and implementing S&OP plan, we cooperate to achieve the goals of fast development of new products, quality management control, delivery cycle upgrading and procurement cost optimization etc. Based on this, we response and satisfy customers’ scale and diverse order needs in a fast and accurate way. Besides, according to the our strategic development plan, TANTIVY chose SAP ERP as an operation software system, which can fully increase operation efficiency and collaborative quality with suppliers.

At the same time, we cooperate with service advisory authority in the aspect of human resource management, aiming at building a competitive salary performance system, which can provide a rich and professional skills enhancing training to better serve customers.

TANTIVY being together with you, think more, act more, create more!

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