18-month quality guaranteed is provided

for all vika DPA products

Quality Warranty

Building brand with quality, vika DPA warrants to provide and promises you the products with the quality better than the quality standards. In addition to the rigorous internal inspection standard and working process required by quality system, and system inspection for product manufacture and delivery based on corresponding standard and procedures, vika DPA will also, from time to time, submit the product which involve complex process and important performance requirement to a professional third-party institute with long-term relationship, so as to be tested for raw materials, product performance and technical parameters, ensuring that the results demonstrated in quality inspection are consistent with corresponding quality standards and requirements.

Tantivy guarantees product quality through quality control and process control, aiming at avoiding quality problems before shipment. Meanwhile, Tantivy takes each quality advice from clients seriously and accepts quality-relevant claims caused by Tantivy’s reason within a limited time, and makes immediate compensation and quality improvement action. “New quality performance” project is the comprehensive new two years quality warranty commitment to clients, which can finally be achieved by our always effort in quality and performance improvement.

By far, the products provided by vika DPA have all passed international safety or quality authentication standard (such as body parts lighting system and braking system products have be certified by E-mark in one time), which further proves the safety and reliability of our products.

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