Internal operation process control is all about

meeting clients’ demands

Process Supervison

Tantivy is running deeply customized SAP ERP system as the core data center , which enables us to effectively and flexibly track or solve product-relevant issues for clients, including inquiry of product information, quotation, order placement, purchase and production plan, stocking, shipment, settlement and service, so as to minimize manual data processing and increase delivery efficiency.

Product information in SAP ERP refers to Tec Doc and ETKA and is in structural data store format, which may rapidly and stably generate product catalog with pictures and product attribute information, also it is possible to link back to Tec Doc and similar data platform with attribute information conveniently.
Based on the enquiry price from clients, the system can automatically match the product which is available to sell or display transaction records. For the products unavailable for supply, it can automatically prompt the Purchase Department to search for resources or enter into development process, so as to quickly respond to clients’ demand.

The customized MRP system integrates the information of clients’ demands and resource status, so as to satisfy the shipment time required by clients, also at the same time, achieve flexibly dispatching inventory or generate specific manufacture order.

As the core data center, SAP ERP system provides a huge volume of standard data interface, which can be used for information exchange between Tantivy clients and suppliers, and with further integration through CRM system, on-line order placing and order tracking is supported.

Tantivy have developed a lot of customerized solutions for auto parts under SAP ERP technical framework, and will continue to work on more information systems, integrate with system from customer and supplier, improve operation efficiency, bring on demand experience for clients.

Flow chart of business processing


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