Quality first requires action

rather than words.

Quality Supervison

By choosing Tantivy’s product, you can get the best quality product and warranty service.

For our client success, all product from Tantivy are under strict quality control process. We ensure all products from Tantivy will comply with local and international stardard and will pass additional verification internally.
Based on ISO9001:2008 management system, our quality department will strictly certify our supplier from:

New supplier with new product
Regular product arrival checking
Regular inventory sampling checking

Depends on different stage, there will be different checking ratio. furthermore,for some key and high-performance-requested parts, we verify and test them in the particular lab which have a long time relationship with us. so that we can make sure the product is perfect before delivering to our client.

Quality Supervison Process


Based on DPA process standard (ISO9001:2008 management system),our quality department will strictly certify our supplier, only certified product can be offered in our catalog. And also, only mature manufacture with good facility and professional team can be certified as our suppliers.
Meanwhile, as a professional supplier of auto spare parts, vika DPA has independently invest product molds for some selective products based on years of marketing insight.And the suppliers will only put volume production after strictly testing for the prototype product.
In the production process, vika DPA’s professional team will firstly check all the raw materials, ensuring that they are the most appropriate materials in quality . Then vika DPA’s expert team will involve and guide the manufacture through the whole process and make rigorous factory inspection to manufacturing technique and process.
vika DPA’s quality engineers will perform on-vehicle test for off-line products during short time, in long mileage and under extremely cold and hot weather conditions and road conditions, ensuring that products have stable and consistent performance. For key or high-performance parts, we will make further test for raw materials or products in the lab which have long-term relationship with us, so as to guarantee better quality.
There will be two seperated step verification for all vika DPA product when loading to the warehouse and shipping to clients, in order to make sure the best quality product offering to our clients.

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