The auto parts expert of ŠKODA

Volkswagen, Audi and SEAT

vika and DPA will be your mostly trusted choice when you are looking for aftermarket auto parts of SKODA, Volkswagen, Audi and SEAT.

The brand of vika, DPA owned by Tantivy offer market-proven, reliable auto parts in a wide range for the entire vehicle, which fit all kinds of ŠKODA Volkswagen Audi SEAT parts with total 9 vehicle system, including engine, air conditioning, clutch, gearbox, suspension, steering, transmission, braking, controlling, body parts and electric parts. More than 8000 parts type is offered for ŠKODA, and over 10000 for Volkswagen, Nearly 4,000 for Audi,almost 3000 for SEAT. In total, there are more then 20000 auto parts option which we can offer across world wide for you or your clients.


Auto parts for engine, electric, clutch, chassis and steering, transmission, braking and controlling are represented by vika brand, and all of which have been assured to meet the quality standard in the local country and local market. Especially for the braking system, the EU E-mark quality authentication standard is met. With sustaining innovation, vika will extend to grow with more product type for our customer.
vika brand is our most honorable brand for Tantivy with the top level of product quality outcome, which finally leads to our client’s success.


Auto parts for car body is represented by DPA brand, all DPA lamps and rearview mirror are certified by EU E-mark quality authentication standard, hight quality standard, at the same time, with a competitive price make DPA product well accepted globally.
As leader and expert in global market of Skoda auto parts , vika DPA has the nature of “one specialty and several strengths”. “one specialty” means that vika DPA has been in the aftermarket for years, focusing on Skoda auto parts ; “several strengths” means that vika DPA represent the best, unique quality in competition, at the same time, a competitive price and well-established warranty service structure. Furthermore, vika DPA product usually launch new auto parts product with the same time of unveiling new Skoda car model. All of which bring our clients a complete range of Skoda auto parts products.

Beyond Technology

–By sustaining technical innovation, we bring excellent experience to our clients

Superior to OE – Guarantee for Front Deep Groove Ball Thrust Bearing by over 100,000 km usage
Superior to OE – Guarantee for window regulator by over 100,000 times of lifting
Superior to OE – Guarantee for ignition/starter switch by over 300,000 times of ignition

New Upgrade in Quality

– Quality is essential to our identity,Guarantee is made to produce our product with quality beyond industrial standard

vika Wheel Hub Unit,Outstanding quality performance, with guarantee for 24 months warranty, machining shell, the exquisite flange processing surface, the accurate fixed screw hole, wear resistance.
vika Ignition Coil,Outstanding quality performance of vika ignition coil: warranty for 24 months, high temperature resistance, better insulation performance, more stable working.

Reasonable Price

– we are offering an affordable and competitive price all the time

vika Steering Gear,vika steering gear come from selective raw materials with good quality,and featured in precise working process, smooth curve, small fluctuation and stable oil pressure, high precision of fitting between each part and good steering maneuverability. The Manufacturer who have been producing steering gear for more than 20 years, is certified by ISO9001:2008 & ISO/TS 16949:2002 quality management system.
vika PQ35 Radiator Fan,vika PQ35 radiator fan uses the same electronic module with the OE product, which leads to soft and quiet startup of the motor and also the reduction the wind noise when radiator fan is running. For dynamic balance shaking problem, all vika fans are verified by the instrument imported from Germany, to ensure the stability and long-life for usage.
DPA Headlamp,Industrial robot glue sealing, water proof and fog proof . Plating molybdenum process is controled automatically in assemble line, and no peeling up for silver plating. Strictly quality control and testing for lamp reflector is to ensure the path way of light is accurate. Carefully selective wire harness is to ensure no open-circuit and short-circuit situation.

Service Innovation

– we do more and do difference

vika Repair Kits,All in one package, vika Repair Kits is a perfect solution to make reparing work easy in garage. It saves time, reduces maintenance costs and achieves customer satisfaction.

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