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For years, Tantivy has been offering the auto parts for best-selling model of Volkswagen globally, given more than 10000 auto parts type offering steadily , you can always find the right product you want.

Volkswagen Product Highlight

The DPA water tank frame is made of PP and 30% glass fiber. This composition features excellent resistance to chemicals and heat and adequate ductility, thereby avoiding deformation of the product even during a severe impact.
vika Oil Cooler, Usually, oil cooler in the market is most likely to cause problems such as water leak, oil leak, shorter working time than expected etc. To address these problems, vika oil cooler improve the performance of sealing and strength by choosing better material and optimizing producing process, at the same time, achieving a low corrosion rate.
vika EGR Cooling Valve, Common EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) cooling valve on the market may cause problems, such as motor failure, water and oil leakage. vika EGR cooling Valve improve the performance of sealing and stability by choosing better material and optimizing producing process, so the new vika EGA Cooling Valve can be more durable without problem.
vika Throttle Valve Control Element, The throttle valve control element is the most important part within an engine assembly , Known as the “throat” of car engines. However, the common problems occurred on throttle valve control element is position sensor failure, deformation and fracture of gear wheels which always lead to engine vibration, unstable idling , signal transmission failure and even engine offline.
We launch the vika electric throttle valve control element for generation-2 EA111 engine, whose raw material, parts and components are selected in a scientific and strict way and we constantly improve welding procedure and manufacturing process.

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