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From the first beginning, vika DPA brand have been focued on Skoda auto parts after-market for more than 13 years. Nowadays, vika DPA can offer more than 8000 auto parts product for all SKODA car models, and will launch new auto parts product the same time with unveiling new Skoda car model. All of which make vika DPA become the most trusted partner brand in SKODA after-market across more than 70 countries world wide.

SKODA Product Highlight

vika Double Thermostat,After a long time investigation and analysis on material, performance and durability of thermostat, vika engineers develop a new double thermostat to upgrade the current single model, improving temperature rising speed, cutting the fuel comsumption. vika double thermostat can perfectly fit in EA111 engine.
The design principle of vika double thermostat come from 2 seperated thermostat rather than 1 thermostat for old model, so that the water temperature of engine cylinder body and cylinder cover can be controlled by different thermostat, which lead to better temperature balance and optimized working condition for engine.
vika Door Lock,Guarantee for vika door lock by over 50000 switches.
vika Fuel Pump,Oil pump – the “heart” of engine lubrication system, directly driven by combustion of engine fuel. Currently, existing oil pump in market usually has problems of poor position of locating pin, low oil pressure and failure in adaptive, resulting in huge consumption of engine power, increase of fuel consumption and even bush-burning during work of the oil pump. Therefore, vika launches adaptive discharge oil pump suitable for EA888 engine working conditions, which effectively control discharge, reduce power of engine pump and reduce oil consumption.

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