Conditions of Use

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1. Scale


Users shall absolutely follow the conditions of use of the websites provided by Tantivy except for related laws issued by Chinese government. Upon start, users shall accept the effective and the latest use conditions.


The common condition of use, in specific cases such as business of product and/or services, shall be complemented, amended or replaced by further condition.

2. Website Content of Tantivy

Tantivy places unbounded information without any promise conditions and files and software of unprotected integration for adjustment and download on its website. Tantivy is capable of suspending the website or changing content completely or partially without any notice in advance. Based upon characteristics of the Internet and computers, Tantivy does not undertake the responsibility of discontinue availability of its website.

3. Use Right


The use of information, software and files acquired from Tantivy website is restricted by the provisions. The use shall comply with the applicable conditions of permission agreed by Tantivy. The conditions of permission from concrete negotiation are superior to this provision.


Tantivy authorizes users non-exclusive and inalienable rights, which permits use of information, software and files acquired from Tantivy’s website.


Software in read-only condition is provided freely. Users demands for right of opening any source code does not exist.


Users, at any time, shall not release information, software or files to the third party through means of sales, rent or others. Users shall not develop or translate software reversely or provide to the third party if there are reversed regulations in non-related-laws. Users shall make a copy of the software if it’s based for use conditions.


The information, software and files are protected by copyright law, international copyright agreement and laws and regulations concerning IPR. Users shall comply with related laws, shall not erase any certification of tests and numbers, labels or copyright notice on information, software, files or copies.

4. Intellectual property rights


Without written permission from Tantivy in advance, any information, label and website content concerning Tantivy shall not be changed, copied, reproduced, distributed, leased, utilized, complemented or used through any means.


Except for use right and other rights clearly authorized, users are not offered rights through any other forms, especially for corporate name or right about industrial property, such as patent, utility model or right of labels. Tantivy does not have the obligation to authorize the rights mentioned above.

5.Registered and Used by Web Pages under Protection


Some of the web pages of Tantivy’s website, protected through means of password, are exclusively accessible to registered users. Registration at Tantivy website does not create any rights. Specifically, Tantivy retains the rights in advance that allowed the registered users to browse freely. Tantivy, without providing any reasons at any time, revokes access rights through means of encrypting visiting data, especially under such circumstances as users’ provision of wrong registration information, violating the prudential obligations of use conditions or their processing the visiting data, applicable laws of visiting or using Tantivy website, or un-using the website for long period.


Upon registration, users shall provide accurate and right information, and notify the parties concerning any changes on timely manner. Users shall guarantee that the email address provided can receive and send the designated emails from the website.


Users shall receive user’s name and password (users’ data) after approval since registration. Users shall guarantee that the users’ data will not be released to third party and bear the reasonability towards its utilization. After each visit of areas protected by password, users shall quit the web page. Users shall immediately notify Tantivy through email on condition that acknowledging the third party is misusing users’ data. After receiving the notification , Tantivy shall re-set passwords and inform users after approval.


Users shall ask to delete any registration through written forms at any time, as long as the information is forbidden in the current contracts. Under conditions alike, Tantivy shall immediately delete all those unneeded users’ data and related private information.

6. Quote & Links

The website of Tantivy may contain quote and links (hyperlink) that lead to third websites. Tantivy does not bear any responsibilities of content on these websites, Tantivy shall not turn the content and information on any websites connected by these external linkages uncontrolled by Tantivy in practice into its own content. Users themselves bear the responsibility only of utilizing linked websites.

7.Disclaimer of liability of ownership, quality, virus and other deficiency


Except for intentional or deliberate acts, Tantivy bears no responsibility in terms of deficiency responsibility about ownership, quality of information, software and files, especially the correctness, un-defect and rights existence, integration and availability on condition that the information, software and files are provided free of charge.


The information of Tantivy website may not contain information of explanation of possibility of product technology or common description at individual cases (such as reasons of product alteration). Hence, both sides shall accord with the performance explanation of products prior to purchase at individual cases.


Tantivy shall try its best to protect the website from any viruses; however, it can not guarantee the virus-free environment. Users shall adopt proper safety measures and virus scan prior to downloading any information, software or files with the purpose of protecting themselves and preventing virus from into website of Tantivy.


Burden of proof has no connection with any conditions mentioned above.

8. Use Obligation


Users shall not perform following acts towards Tantivy website

• Creating damage and injury or violating the privacy of anyone, especially adolescent

• Violation of good customs through utilization

• Violation of industrial property, copyright or other property rights

• Sending any programmes may contain virus, Trojans or any contents may damage software

• Providing, storing or sending forbidden hyperlink content, especially those hyperlinks or contents violate duty of confidentiality or being illegal

• Sending advertisement or uninvited email (so-called spam), sending alert unconcerned with virus, malfunction or similar situation, inviting to participate into activities as gambling, snowball game, chain letter, pyramid system and others alike


Tantivy is capable of blocking those website users at any time, especially those who have violated the obligations under the terms.

9. Protection of Individual Data

Tantivy shall comply with the applicable data protection rules accessible at its website upon editing, using and dealing with users’ individual information.

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