07K905715F/06F905115H-for skoda|VW|SEAT|AUDI auto parts

Core products OE N0.:07K905715F/06F905115H/06H905115B Name: Ignition coil Car models: SKODA:OCT04-08;09-13/SUP08-15/YET10-13;14- VW:AMA10-13/BE06-12/CAMP12-16/EOS09-11/GO04-16/JE06-15/PA06-15/SCI09-15/TIG08-11/TOU06-10/TR12-16 SEAT:AL11-15/ALT04-06;07-10;11-13;14-15/EX09-10/LE06-10;11-13/TO05-09 AUDI:A1 11-14/A3 04-13/A4 08-16/A5 10-12/A6 05-14/AQ3 12-15/AQ5 09-13/R8 07-12/ATT07-14/RS3 11-16/RS4 13-16/RS5 10-16/TTRS10-14 Ignition coil Advantage: 1. Using Elektrisola insulated wire. High temperature resistance 180 ℃. Service life is at least 240 hours. 2. Imported materials PPE from Japan. Electric strength: 33KV/mm. High temperature resistance 180 ℃. 3. Epoxy resin are 100% from Japan Kyocera epoxy resin, Good permeability, high insulation performance. Avoid resin cracking which can resulting in the ignition failure. 4.Enhance the product’s performance, higher stability.Guarantee the life of the product. 5. Using Momentive silicone, Pressure: 35000 V, Temperature: 280 degrees. 6. Quality guarantee, 24 Months Leave message:http://www.tantivy.com/?page_id=2194&lang=en

The most fragile part on the car, the last one I don’t know! -vika DPA Auto Parts

Previously, vika DPA Auto Parts told you a lot about the detailed replacement cycle of engine oil, tires, and various liquids, but in addition to these, there are some places that we often don’t think about, because they are the most easily damaged parts of the car. The parts, especially the last one, let us take a look with me, and go back and check your car. Oil seal An oil seal is a seal of lubricating oil. It is used to seal the mechanical components of grease. It isolates the parts that need to be lubricated from the output parts of the transmission parts, so that the oil does … Read more…

vika DPA auto parts teach you to judge whether the car engine is good or bad?

The development of cars in China can be said to be very fast. Now for many Chinese people, if they leave the car, they cannot go out because the car is his leg. At the same time, for many car owners, many people only need to be able to drive, so they don’t take much care of the car, and don’t feel heartache until the car fails. In fact, the operating principle of a car is very similar to that of the human body: the human body sends blood to various organs by the heart, and the car sends kinetic energy to various parts by the engine. Therefore, the engine … Read more…

1J1422063P/1J1422061AN For volkswagen parts

OE N0.:1J1422063P/1J1422061AN/1J1422061AM/1J1422055BF Name: steering gear Car models: VW:BE99-10/BO02-05/GO98-06 Advantage: 1. Material:standard 45# steel 2. Techniques: machining operation (accurate grinding )-high frequency quenching -chrome-faced a. Roundness: 0.05, Parallelism: 0.01/100 b. Hardness:HRC51-56. c. Surface roughness: 0.05(Light clean face level) 3. Performance:Long use life, no oil leaking

8V0498625A for Skoda|VW|AUDI|SEAT auto parts

  OE N0.:8V0498625A Name: wheel hub unit Car models: SKODA:OCT13-/SUP15- VW:GO13-/PA15-/TIG16-/TOU16- SEAT:LE13- AUDI:A3 13- Advantage: 1) Hardness: Metal material has the ability to resist hard objects sag surface. Industry technical requirements standard:60HRC—65HRC 2)In the circular degree precision condition, rolling ball in order, clearance in order, difficult to wear and can enhance lifespan circular degree :< 2.5um 3) Use world famous brand grease, which with good lubricating performance , to enhance product performance。Brand:SHELL,KOYO,MOBIL 4) Learn from world famous hardening treatment experience, such as BCA, TIMKENM ,reaching the standard of OE quality 5)Precise riveting surface to pursue solid riveting,introduce advanced riveting machine and adopt the strict riveting standard;Strict riveting progress control, prevent … Read more…

tantivy answers professional terms in the field of auto parts in 2020!

I. Overview of auto parts Auto parts are the units that make up the whole car and products that serve the car. There are tens of thousands of components in a car, with many varieties and complicated structural forms. Classification of auto parts Classified by standardization. (1) Parts A single finished product, a single product that does not use an assembly process, or two or more connected together with a specified function, which can usually be disassembled are parts, such as tires, wheels, and pistons. (2) Unit body A functional combination consisting of any combination of parts and components with a certain functional characteristic, usually capable of working independently in … Read more…

OE N0:4G1837015/4G1837016E/4G0839015 for AUDI auto parts

OE N0.:4G1837015/4G1837016E/4G0839015/4G0839016 Name: door lock Car models: AUDI:A6 11-18/A6Q 11-18/A7 11-18/A8 10-17 Advantage: 1) The same micro motor and the touch switch as OE product; 2) Preventing the circuit board from oxidizing, to ensure the stability of current and signal transmission; 3) Reducing the failure rate of the products fundamentally, to extend the service life.

4F1959617B | valve cover heat exchager For Audi A4 A6

OE N0.:4F1959617B Name: valve cover; heat exchager Car models: AUDI:A4 99-01/A4Q 99-01/A6 98-01/A6Q 98-01 Advantage: 1) The same material as OE part (PPS-GF40): with housing material from Polyplastics – a world famous engineering plastic expert enterprise; 2) With the same design and manufacturing technique as OE part.

vika DPA | Do you know how complicated auto parts are?

A car is made up of thousands of auto parts. There are original parts, sub-factory parts, and pure dismantling parts for auto parts. So many types, how to choose? Today we discuss this issue together! 1.Original parts Matching index: 85% There are parts marked by the manufacturer from the OEM channel. Mainly from the OEM and 4S stores, there are packaging with brand factory logo. The appearance and performance are not said, the quality is the same as the original factory, and there are more qualification certificates to show their identity. 2. Factory parts Matching index: 80% Genuine parts represent parts produced by qualified manufacturers Note: It is not necessarily … Read more…

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