Privacy Protection

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1.Information We Collect

You may normally visit our website and acquire information on anonymous status. Some resources, however, are only accessible upon registration. We will explain the purpose of the information prior to asking from you. In normal conditions, the registration requires some basic information and contact number of you or your company. The reasons are to better understand your demands, contact you promptly so as to offer effective services.”

2.Protecting Your Privacy

We will apply proper measures to protect your privacy. Upon your providing sensitive information to us, we would apply reasonable steps to protect your sensitive information; we will also use reasonable safety measures to store information of you and your company. We shall not reveal any of your private information to the irrelevant part (corporation or individual) without your permission unless in the condition of compulsory regulations by law or government. However, we shall provide your name and address to the third party, such as any transportation company, if you ask us to provide specific customer supporting services or send objects to you.”

3.Privacy Policy

As your privacy is of utmost importance to us, hence, Tantivy shall administer information concerning privacy according to the three following policies.

Policy 1:

Tantivy shall clearly ask for the information of individual and corporation once it needs to confirm your identification and contact. Under some possible circumstances, Tantivy shall utilize some means to confirm the correctness and timeliness of your personal information.

Policy 2:

Tantivy shall probably publicize personal information due to legal requirements, or confirm the necessity of the following manners for their goodwill:
(1)According with legal notice or follow the legal procedures adapted to Tantivy website.
(2)Protect rights and properties of Tantivy’s customers
(3)For the sake of protecting individual or public security of Tantivy and its customers under emergency

Policy 3:

You may inform us through email: of any policy violation conducted by Tantivy. We shall try out best to immediately solve the issues within reasonable ranges.”

4.Use of Cookies

Tantivy website shall use cookies sometimes to determine which web pages enjoy the highest popularity with the purpose of providing you with better services upon your visit. Cookies do not trace personal information. We may use cookies upon your registration. Under these circumstances, useful information shall be stored as the website may identify your status at your next visit. Those cookies from Tantivy website can only be read by its website. You can also visit most web pages of our website even if your browser is set at rejecting cookies.”

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