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Why choose TANTIVY

Why choose TANTIVY
Tantivy Automotive Co., Ltd. (short for Tantivy ) owns two brands: vika and DPA, which is the leader and expert for the leading supply of whole vehicle auto parts in global ŠKODA, Volkswagen,Audi and SEAT . We devote ourselves to provide a variety of growing and learning opportunities, and look forward to stepping on a professional road for creating more value together with you.
We will provide you:

1. Good working environment and harmonious working atmosphere
2. Future-oriented and challenging work
3. Career promotion channel for personal development
4. Competitive salary and welfare
5. Highly incentive system and policy

Employment philosophy—growing with partners to promote enterprise development

1. Common value
We regard every partner as an indispensable member; the common value and career dream make us inseparable.
We provide partners not only a job, but rather a career. We make great efforts to entitle partners responsibility and authority in the process of management, share achievement and joy together, and become a real interest community with each other.

2. Growth mechanism
TANTIVY attaches much significance to the selection of internal elite talents, insists on implementing the unique core talents program, and provide development space and promotion opportunity for partners. We devote to create a learning type enterprise and help the promotion of partners’ skills through training, which can enhance our professional value, and make learning and growing as the real welfare of the enterprise for partners.

Elite Team

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