Superior to OE, vika DPA make it work

Technical Innovation

STO products play the important role while achieving client success.

In order to bring more competitive advantage and technical solution for our client, vika DPA engineer will inspect failed OE parts, collect massive customer feedbacks, analysis the data of recalled parts, then to adjust and tune the OE parts by eliminating the potential defect or improve the endurance, even performance, which will end with a better product than the OE parts. All the improved engineering and design lift will strictly follow systematic testing process, therefore the patent certificate of STO product is fully authorized.

Front Deep Groove Ball Thrust Bearing, Guaranteed by over 100,000 km usage, more stable, durable and better electrical conductivity. To know product details
Window Regulator,Guaranteed by over 100,000 times of lifting, better structure, more stable and longer service life. To know product details

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