Purpose of 5N0965561A auxiliary electronic pump

Main purpose of 5N0965561A auxiliary electronic pump: Even after the engine is shut down, the electronic coolant pump is able to run to maintain coolant recirculation and cool down the supercharger completely. It works on the following principle: Under electric control of the engine control unit (ECU), the pump helps with cooling of the turbocharger in certain working conditions. After shutdown of the engine, the auxiliary electronic pump dissipates heat from the turbocharger.

During drives, the engine control unit provides automatic adjustment depending on different conditions to prevent damage to the turbocharger due to excessive heat. After the engine is turned off after long operation at high speed, this coolant recirculation pump will continue to work for a certain while. This eliminates potential risks from overheat of the turbocharger. Conversely, if the engine control unit detects that the engine is not working under high load, it can suspend operation of the pump for the purpose of energy saving.

What are the consequences of a broken auxiliary electronic pump?

Simply put, on a running car, cooling is mainly provided by the general recirculation system with the main pump in service. While the car is at rest, the main pump does not work, and consequently the turbocharger will not be cooled if the auxiliary pump fails. This will reduce the life cycle of the turbocharger. It should also be noted that moisture in the auxiliary electronic pump may result in internal short circuit, which in turn causes excessive local temperature of the auxiliary electronic pump and corrosion of components. In severe cases, fire or self-ignition may occur in the engine compartment. Such safety hazards should therefore be properly handled.

Purpose of 5N0965561A auxiliary electronic pump
Purpose of 5N0965561A auxiliary electronic pump

Name: auxiliary electronic pump

Ref No. : 5N0965561A

Product system: electrical device

Brand: vika

Applicable models:

Skoda: OCT09-13/SUP08-15/YET10-18

VW: BE12-16/BEC13-16/CA11-16/CC12-17/EOS09-16/GOC12-16/GOLF07-13/GOPL09-14/JE06-18/PA08-15/PACC09-12/SCI09-14/SHA11-16/TIG08-18/TOU11-15/XL115-15

Seat: A3 09-13/A3CA08-13/A4 08-15/A4AR10-16/A4Q08-15/A5CA12-17/A5CO12-16/A6 11-14/A6Q11-14/AQ5 09-17

Audi: AL11-15/ALT07-15/EX09-14/LE06-13

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