What it the rain & fog mode of skoda headlight?

Rain & fog mode of skoda headlight:

1. Better illumination effect in fogy days is achieved by increasing the brightness of LED units, using a lower irradiation angle, and adjusting the range of scattered illumination;

2. Since front fog lamps are no longer used on many models, in order to deal with harsh weather conditions such as rain and fog, a rain & fog mode is made available on some models;

3. Turning on this function will extend the illumination range of headlights and reduce glare due to reflection by rain and fog.

The rain & fog mode is intended to act in place of normal function of headlights, and to assist with smooth driving in foggy, rainy, and snowy days

Notes for using car lights: High and dipped beams are both used for lighting during drive at night. High beams help expand the driver’s view. On dark roads without street lights, high beams can create a much broader view than dipped beams.

Dipped beams are intended for short-distance illumination without light concentration adjustment function, and their light is able to reach about 30-40 m ahead of the car.

While driving on a road without center isolation belt or center line at night, you should switch to dipped beam mode when seeing an oncoming car at a distance of 150 m. The dipped beam mode should also be used on narrow roads or narrow bridges or during meeting with a non-motorized vehicle.

What it the rain & fog mode of skoda headlight?
What it the rain & fog mode of skoda headlight?

Name: headlight /right/without motor/without bulb

Ref No. : 1U1941018E

Product system: panel

Brand: DPA

Applicable models:

Skoda: OCT01-11

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