Symptoms and causes of a broken vika engine oil pump

Early-stage symptoms of a broken vika engine oil pump:

1. Harsh sound is heard from the engine. 2. The engine failure indicator goes on. 3. Heavy smoke is drained from the exhaust pipe. 4. The oil pressure gauge exhibits a too low reading. 5. The engine jitters violently. 6. The engine is hard to start, and the key needs to be pressed for long during startup.

The engine oil pump serves to transfer engine oil from the oil sump to different pipes in the oil circuit (for cooling) and oil filters (for oil filtering) by means of pressurization. It also lubricates the cylinders to ensure smooth and normal engine operation.

Causes of a broken vika engine oil pump:

1. Oil of inferior quality of an incompatible model is used. High-performance oil can help prolong the maintenance interval, while inferior oil tends to accelerate wear of engine and lead to abnormal sound and mechanical damage. Local climate is another consideration during oil selection. The meaning of the model designation of the oil should be clearly understood, along with its low-temperature performance and viscosity.

2. An oil filter is used for an extended period without replacement. A blocked oil filter may result in higher oil supply pressure of the engine oil pump. Working under such high load for long will speed up deterioration of the engine oil pump.

3. Insufficient oil: A lower level of the engine oil leads to less efficient heat dissipation of the engine oil pump. The dry operation may cause much heat in the oil circuit and damage to parts.

Symptoms and causes of a broken vika engine oil pump
Symptoms and causes of a broken vika engine oil pump

Name: engine oil pump

Ref No. : 03L115105B

Product system: engine

Brand: vika

Applicable models:

Skoda: FAB11-/OCT09-13/RAP13-;12-/RO11-/SUP08-13;14-/YET10-13;14-

VW: AMA10-/BE12-/CA11-/CAMP10-/CR12-/GO09-/IMD08-/JE06-/PA09-/PO10-/SCI09-/TOU11-/TR10-

Seat: A1 11-/A3 08-13

Audi: ALT07-10;11-13;14-/IB09-11;12-12;13-/LE06-10;11-13/TO05-09

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