What are symptoms of a broken vika rear axle?

A broken vika rear axle on a car may exhibit the following symptoms:

1. Abnormal sound during drives, such as clanking sound from the rear axle (differential bearing shell). The sound may disappear when the neutral gear is engaged. This phenomenon may result from a damaged gear or a broken connection bolt. In this case, pull over the car and contact road rescue for repair. Have the damaged part replaced before hitting the road again;

2. If the car roars like an aircraft during drives, especially in 1-2 seconds after fuel loss, the symptom is most likely caused by a worn driving gear or driven gear, which should be repaired in time to prevent exacerbation. This problem can be typically solved by replacing the driving gear or driven gear in question;

3. Rhythmic knocking sound is heard during drives, especially in the course of sudden or abrupt acceleration. The most probable reason is excessive internal gear gap. To deal with this abnormal condition, drive the car at a lower speed to an after-service site for repair. Since it is typically caused by a heavily worn gear, the problem can be solved by replacing the worn part.

What are symptoms of a broken vika rear axle?
What are symptoms of a broken vika rear axle?

Name: rear axle/with rubber sleeve

Ref No. : 1J0500051K

Product system: Chassis

Brand: vika

Applicable models:

Skoda: OCT97-11/RAP13-/RO06-15

VW: BO99-05/GOLF98-06/PO10-15

Seat: A3 97-03

Audi: LE00-06/TO99-19

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