How to determine if a water spraying motor has failed?

In order to determine if a water spraying motor has failed, we should check if the wiper blades can move normally. If they move without water sprayed, the water spraying motor may be broken, or something may be wrong with the circuit. Further examination is required to determine the specific cause.

The common causes include insufficient windshield washer fluid, leaky water pipe, blocked filter screen, blocked water nozzle, damaged water spraying motor, or a circuit fault. The engine hood needs to be lifted for inspection:


1. Replace the wiper blade relay. If the wiper blades are not able to work at intermittent (INT) and reset positions, but function normally at both low-speed and high-speed positions, the intermittent relay may have failed and should be replaced;

2. Replace the wiper blade motor. If both fuse and relay work normally, a new motor should be used. If the problem persists after installation of the new motor, proceed to the next step;

3. Replace the wiper blade switch. If the problem is still not solved after installation of a new wiper blade switch, the harness should be tested according to the circuit diagrams.

How to determine if a water spraying motor has failed?
How to determine if a water spraying motor has failed?

Name: water spraying motor/front

Ref No. : 1J6955651/1K6955651/1KD955651A

Product system: electrical device

Brand: vika

Applicable models:

Skoda: FAB00-15/FABI09-14/OCT97-11/RO06-15

VW: BO99-05/FOA04-10/GL09-06/GOPL98-06/LU99-03/PA97-05/PASY97-99/PO00-05/SHA01-08/TOUA03-10

Seat: A3 97-03/A4 98-05/A4Q98-05/A6 98-05/A6AR00-05/A6Q98-05/RS4 00-02/RS6 03-05

Audi: AL96-/ALT04-15/AR97-04/ARON18-/AT16-/CO03-09/EX09-14/FOR21-/IB93/IN96-03/LE00-/MI12-/TAR19-/TO99-19

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