What is 6RU423810 steering tie rod?-auto parts

6RU423810 Steering tie rod typically refers to a steering system part fixed together with the front shock absorber in a car. A steering straight rod on a car is connected to the pull arm of the steering gear and the left knuckle arm. It is intended to maintain synchronous operation of two wheels under control and for toe adjustment.

Steering tie rod is a key component in an automotive steering system. It has a direct bearing on control stability, operation safety factor, and tyre service life of a car. There are two common types of steering rod: steering straight rod and steering tie rod. The steering straight rod is mainly responsible for transmitting the movement of the pitman arm to the knuckle arm, while the steering tie rod located at the bottom of the trapezoidal steering mechanism is a core component for ensuring accurate linkage between left and right steering wheels.

What is 6RU423810 steering tie rod?
What is 6RU423810 steering tie rod?

Name: steering tie rod/polished rod

Ref No. : 6RU423810/6RD423810/6C0423810B

Product system: chassis

Brand: vika

Applicable models of 6RU423810 steering tie rod :

Skoda: RAPI12-

VW: PO10-14

Audi: TO13-

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