How to fix a broken door lock on a car? _ Auto Parts

A car door lock failure usually involves the central control door lock module, and should be preferably repaired at a 4S shop. The failure cause can be quickly identified with a detector. The repair cost depends on the car model and the specific type of the door lock module.

The central control door lock is designed to facilitate safe use of the car. It can centrally control locking, closing, and opening of the four doors.

The central control door lock works on a principle that converts electricity into mechanical energy, and opens/closes the doors through rotation of gears driven by a motor. It generally consists of door lock switch, door lock actuator, and door lock controller.

(1) Door lock switch: In most cases, a central door lock switch system is comprised of a main switch and auxiliary switches. The main switch in installed on the door next to the driver, and can be used to lock or unlock all doors. The auxiliary switches are installed on other doors for separate door control.

(2) Door lock actuator. The door lock actuator is controlled by the door lock controller for locking/unlocking the doors. There are three main forms of door lock actuator: electromagnetic motor, DC motor, and permanent magnet motor.

(3) Door lock controller: This control device provides pulse current required by the door lock actuator for locking/unlocking the doors. It controls the direction of the current flowing through the actuator, and provides timing function for reducing the operation time.

How to fix a broken door lock on a car?
How to fix a broken door lock on a car?

Name: car door lock block/front left

Reference OE number: 3B1837015A

Series: electrical device

Brand: vika

Applicable models of door lock:

Skoda: OCT97-11

VW: PA97-02

Audi: LE00-06/TO99-04

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