What is the purpose of 03L115389H oil cooler?

03L115389H Oil cooler is designed to cool lubricant oil and control its temperature within a normal working range. An oil cooler is necessary for high-power engines due to high thermal load. During engine operations, as the temperature increases, the oil grows thinner with lower viscosity, and the lubrication performance degrades accordingly.

For this reason, an oil cooler is mounted on some engines to cool the oil and maintain certain viscosity. The oil cooler is arranged on circulation oil pipelines in the lubrication system, and works on the same principle as radiator.

What is the purpose of 03L115389H oil cooler?
What is the purpose of 03L115389H oil cooler?

Name: oil cooler assembly

Reference OE number: 03L115389H

Product system: engine

Brand: vika

Applicable models of 03L115389H oil cooler:

Skoda: RAP13-/RAPI12-/SUP14-/YET14-

VW: BE12-/BEC13-/CA11-/CAMP16-/CC12-/GOC12-/JE15-/TR12-

SEAT: AQ3 12-

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