What is the working principle of 032121111CL thermostat?

The most common 032121111CL thermostat is of wax type. When the coolant temperature drops below the specified level, the refined paraffin wax in temperature-sensing body of the thermostat will be in a solid state. Under the action of a spring, the thermostat valve closes the channel between the engine and the radiator. The coolant will flow back via the water pump to the engine for small circulation in the engine.

When the coolant temperature reaches a certain level, the wax will begin to thaw and become liquid, expanding and forcing the rubber pipe to shrink. In the meanwhile, an upward thrust will be applied to the push rod, and the push rod will generate a downward reverse thrust to open the valve. At this point, the coolant flows back via the radiator, thermostat valve, and water pump to the engine for large circulation.

Most thermostats are located in cylinder cover water outlet pipes. In such arrangement, they feature a single structure and ease of elimination of air bubbles from the cooling system. The drawback, on the other hand, is oscillation during work due to frequent opening/closing operations of the thermostats.

What is the working principle of 032121111CL thermostat?
What is the working principle of 032121111CL thermostat?

Name: thermostat assembly/80℃

Reference OE number: 032121111CL

Product system: engine

Brand: vika

Applicable models of 032121111CL thermostat :

VW: FOA04-10/PO02-10/POS04-06

SEAT: A3 97-03

Audi: CO03-05;06-09/IB06-10

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