What are the advantages of STO window lifter?

Product name: window lifter/front left/with door panel/without motor/electric/STO

What are the advantages of STO window lifter?
What are the advantages of STO window lifter?

Reference OE number:  6Y1837461

Series: panel

Brand: DPA

Applicable models of STO window lifter:

Skoda: FAB00-08

Advantages of STO window lifter:

1. The improved rope through-hole size, deeper holes, and thicker contact face of the guide tube lead to higher stability;

2. High-strength wire rope conduits are added to ensure stability while achieving longer product service life;

3. Higher content of glass fiber in the guide plates results in overall improvement of product ductility and strength;

4. In the modified product design, the guide contact angle has been increased to achieve stronger wear resistance of the guide wheels. Consequently, the service life of key parts is extended.

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