What are the symptoms of a broken water pump on a car?

1. Unstable idle ignition
Connected to a transmission belt, the water pump draws cold water from a water tank and feeds it to the engine for the purpose of cooling. A broken water pump can directly affect the rotation resistance, causing the engine’s transmission ratio to vary after ignition and leading to instability. In the case of excessive resistance (typically in winter), the engine may flame out.

2. leakage
The most common leakage involves coolant liquid, and some water can be found at the vent of the water pump. Coolant liquid is intended to solve the problem of water boiling during high-speed operation of the engine. In the event of coolant liquid leakage, inspect the cooling fan, heat pipe radiator, and water pump for any sign of damage.

3. Noise
If abnormal frictional sound (rotary friction) is heard, may have been damaged. Of course, the sound may also result from a broken internal bearing or a loose or detached impeller. Therefore, in the event of such abnormal sound, all suspected parts should be checked one by one.

What are the symptoms of a broken water pump on a car?
What are the symptoms of a broken water pump on a car?

Name: water pump

Reference OE number: 03C121004J

Series: engine

Brand: vika

Applicable models:

Skoda: FAB11-15

VW: BE12-/BEC13-/CC12-/EOS09-/GOC12-/GOLF06-13/GOPL05-14/JE06-/PA11-15/PO10-14/SCI09-/SHA11-/TIG08-/TOU06-

SEAT: A1 11-14

Audi: AL11-/IB09-11;12-12;13-

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