What are possible reasons for a failed steering gear?

1. Abnormal sound of the steering gear

Popping sound can be heard during drives, especially when turning the steering wheel. This symptom may point to a broken steering gear. The abnormal sound of the steering gear may be attributable to many factors, among which a failure of power steering oil, universal joint, or plane bearing is most common. Such abnormal sound is a distinctive sign of failure. Therefore, once it occurs, the car should be sent to a 4S shop for repair immediately.

2. Direction jitter or deviation:

If the car deviates significantly from straight paths on the road, external factors should be first checked and eliminated. If the problem is not caused by pressure or the tyres, it probably results from a loose or broken mechanical part of the steering gear.

3. Unbalanced steering wheel:

If the steering wheel requires different amount of force when operated in opposite directions, the symptom is typically caused by leakage of a sealing part for the high-pressure cavity on one side or mis-adjustment of the corresponding limit valve.

If the steering gear on a car is equipped with a power steering system, in normal cases only a small fraction of the steering power is provided by the driver physically, and most power comes from the hydraulic energy (or pneumatic energy) provided by the oil pump (or air compressor) driven by the engine (or motor).

Since the steering gear is a key part for cars, it should be inspected and repaired in the event of abnormal conditions in order to avoid major safety risks.

What are possible reasons for a failed steering gear?
What are possible reasons for a failed steering gear?

Name: steering gear assembly/with pull rod/without ball head/with dust cover

Reference OE number: 1J1422062E/1J1422062D/1J1422075D

Series: chassis

Brand: vika

Applicable models:

Skoda: OCT97-11

VW: BO99-05/GOLF98-06

Seat: A3 97-03

Audi: LE00-06/TO99-04

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