What are the symptoms of knuckle failures?

Symptoms of knuckle failures:

1. During a drive at medium or high speed, periodic sound is heard from the chassis. In serious cases, the driver’s cab and doors jitter, and the steering wheel vibrates violently and even causes numbness of hands. Such symptoms result from loss of direction balance of the transmission due to excessive wear of the transmission shaft and its spline shaft and spline housing;

2. Too tight engagement between rolling bearings and sliding bearings in different parts of the steering system, poorly lubricated bearings, too tight steering tie rod or cross beam ball head, or lack of oil may cause the steering shaft and its enclosure to bend and get stuck;

3. The front wheels may yaw on the road. After a certain high speed is reached, the steering wheel may jitter or shimmy.

What are the symptoms of knuckle failures?
What are the symptoms of knuckle failures?

Name: knuckle/front left

Reference OE number: 8K0407253AA

Series: Audi UP

Brand: vika

Applicable models of knuckle failures:

Audi: A4 08-12/A4AR10-16/A4Q08-12/A5CA10-11/A5CO08-11/AQ5 09-12/RS5 10-16

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