How to open a vika engine valve chamber cover?

vika engine valve chamber cover opening method:

1. Take down the intake and exhaust manifolds. For an engine with a top-mounted air valve, the valve chamber shield and the bracket mounting bolts should be removed first. Then remove the rocker arm shaft and the rocker arm together in assembled status;

2. Loosen every bolt of the cylinder head step by step in the reverse order of cylinder head installation. Never loosen all bolts completely at the same time. The tightening torque of these bolts is typically 0-12kg·m;

3. After taking down all cylinder head bolts, turn the crankshaft manually. Due to the compressive force of the cylinder, it will be easy to detach the head gasket from the cylinder body;

4. While installing the cylinder head, apply sealant to the head gasket and tighten the cylinder head bolts in order to prevent the gasket from warping (the bolts are typically tightened from inside to outside, and loosened in the reverse order).

How to open an vika engine valve chamber cover?
How to open an vika engine valve chamber cover?

Name: valve chamber cover

Reference OE number: 03L103469R


Brand: vika

Applicable models of vika engine valve chamber cover :

Skoda: FAB 11-15/OCT 09-13/RAP 13-/RAPI 12-/RO 11-15/SUP 08-15/YET 10-18

VW: AME 17-/BE 12-16/BEC 13-16/CA 11-16/CC 12-17/EOS 11-16/GOC 12-16/GOLF 09-14/GOPL 09-14/IMD 08-/JE 06-18/PA 11-15/PACC 09-12/PO 10-15/SCI 09-14/SHA 11-16/TIG 08-18/TOU 11-15

SEAT: AL 11-15/ALT 11-15/IB 09-15/LE 11-13/TO 13-15

Audi: A1 11-14/A3 09-13/A3CA 08-13/AQ3 12-18/ATT 11-14

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