8K0198381AQ vika engine mounting Audi spare parts

8K0198381AQ/8R0199381C is the Reference number of vika engine mounting,and the supplier is vika. The detailed information of engine mounting is as follows:

8K0198381AQ/8R0199381C engine mounting Audi spare parts
8K0198381AQ/8R0199381C engine mounting Audi spare parts

Name:engine mounting

Reference OE number:8K0198381AQ/8R0199381C

Series:Audi UP


Applicable models of 8K0198381AQ/8R0199381C:

Audi: A4 13-15/A4AR 10-16/A4Q 13-15/A5CA 12-17/A5CO 12-16/A6 11-18/A6Q 11-18/A7 15-18/AQ5 13-17

What is the purpose of engine mounting?

Engine mounting is an automotive power assembly system designed to reduce and control transmission of engine vibration and to serve a supporting purpose. The power output of an engines varies with external loads.

Main functions of engine mounting:

1. Supporting function: The vika engine mounting system plays a basic role of supporting the power assembly. It must be designed in such a way to ensure proper position of the power assembly and sufficient service life of the whole mounting system.

2. Limiting function: In various instantaneous conditions such as engine startup, engine flameout, and vehicle acceleration/deceleration or in the presence of different disturbing factors (such as bumpy road), the mounting system should be able to limit the maximum displacement of the power assembly effectively, thus preventing the assembly to collide with surrounding parts and maintaining normal power operation.

3. Vibration isolation: As a connection between the chassis and the engine, the mounting system prevents engine vibration from being transmitted to the vehicle body on one hand, and prevents impact on the power assembly due to excitation by uneven roads on the other hand.

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